I’m reading “Brainstorm: The Power and Purpose of the Teenage Brain” by Daniel Siegel (2013). Many of us probably know Siegel because of his concrete hand model of the brain as it applies to his work and research with mindfulness.  This book is wonderfully laid out as it applies to understanding the entirety of adolescence and how parents can promote positive parenting and utilize mindfulness and connection which improves attachment.  I’m enjoying the book thoroughly, and it has practical and comprehensible practices recommended by this medical doctor!


I’m currently reading “How Children Succeed” by Paul Tough (2012), and am finding it an easy read with usable research. Psychologists have long been interested in what makes a person optimistic and which personality traits are those that yield high levels of success. Seligman writes that optimism can be learned. Children who are optimistic, but also have the ability to understand that mistakes are not pervasive, persistent, and personal tend to fare better. Of the 5 characteristics that are present in a healthy personality, it is a student’s level of conscientiousness that matters highly. I was reflecting on ways that I can impact optimism and conscientiousness in my own son. Have any visiting our site speculated about these factors with their children?